About Ray Benton



About Ray Benton

Tallahassee-based artist, Ray Benton, is a multi-talented rapper, musician, songwriter, and producer with a vision to uplift and encourage listeners through his personal experiences. Though originally from Wilmington, North Carolina, Ray transitioned to North Florida at the tender age of two. With parents in pursuit of higher education and sunny weather, Tallahassee, Fla. became the origin of his journey with music.  

Growing up, Ray’s parents would play gospel, reggae and other multicultural music that ultimately influenced him. However, his life changed at age 10 when he heard rap music at a local community center for the first time. This triggered his passion for lyricism and songwriting. He started freestyling with friends and in high school eventually learned how to produce music, play the guitar and the piano. 

When developing his musical style, Ray drew inspiration from Sade, Damian Marley, and Three Six Mafia. Ray’s transition to college at Florida A&M University cultivated his calling to music when he joined EthniKids as an artist and producer. As a producer, Ray was an integral part in forming the sound of the group. After others in the group explored solo endeavors, Ray saw the opportunity to sharpen his sound and started recording his own music.   

After leaving EthniKids and experiencing many failed attempts as a solo artist, Ray decided to take a hiatus from music to focus on his spiritual growth and sharpen his personal relationships.   

After touring with then Motown artist, Royce Lovett, as a bass player, Ray’s passion for creating music was reignited.    

In 2017, Ray assembled a team and started recording music again and hosting shows to build his fanbase in North Florida. In 2018, he yielded even more opportunities as he finally established his sound (vibrant, transcendent flavor with trap bass) and released three highly anticipated singles (DDT, Fan of Me, Too Much Smoke).   

Ray’s work in 2019 has proven equally, if not more, exciting as well. He’s released his single “OMW (Out My Way)” featuring Parris Chariz. In addition, he was featured on DJ Mykael V’s track “Doing the Most.” To close 2019, Ray was invited to perform at the prestigious A3C Festival in Atlanta on their Fresh Court stage for their 15th anniversary, which yielded many opportunities for 2020. 

Ray Benton will make an unforgettable impact in the music industry by producing a unique sound (and proving that the consistent DIY method–producing, recording and mixing music, releasing independently, creating visuals, curating shows) can ensure success.   

Follow Ray Benton on his journey as we enter 2020 with new aspirations.

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